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Amazon Fulfillment Web Service (Amazon FWS) allows merchants to access Amazon.com’s world-class fulfillment capabilities through a simple web services interface. Merchants can programmatically send order information to Amazon with instructions to physically fulfill customer orders on their behalf.

Registered merchants already use Fulfillment by Amazon to send inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and when orders are placed (on Amazon.com or through other merchant sales channels), Amazon will pick, pack and ship the products to the merchant’s customers—anytime and to any place. FBA frees merchants from managing the order fulfillment process while still maintaining control over their inventory. Amazon FWS extends the benefits of FBA by allowing merchants to integrate FBA capabilities directly into their own web sites or other sales channels. This enables merchants to automatically store inventory in Amazon’s warehouses and ship orders to customers, creating a nearly virtual business. There is no charge for using Amazon FWS; only fees for the underlying FBA services apply.