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Infrastructure as a Service

In Infrastructure as a Service, Infrastructure such as Computing Power, Memory, Storage, Network and Related system software is provided as service. These services gets provided by using virtualization, grid computting, SAN and related technologies.
Why to go with Infrastructure as a Service?
In business we invest in Infrastructure on the basis of some predictions about future usage of hosted web applications. Most of time this additional infrastructure is cost of opportunity. Over the time cost of opportunity also not help us because of sudden increase of online users for our hosted web application. So what are the options? raise your cost of opportunity so that you will never loose any customer when their is sudden increase on users, but this will decrease my profit drastically and sustainability. Other side over investment will reduce my utilization of infrastructure capability in downtime (when application demand will reduce). Going with Infrastructure service provider is one of best option. 
Benefit of going with IaaS
  1. Need not worry about initial huge investment is initial Infrastructure Investement
  2. Concentrate on Business Application Development only
  3. Utility style billing (pay for what you use)
Who are the Players?
  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. GoGrid
  3. FlexiScale
  4. RackSpaceCloud
What they provide?
  • Pre-Configured Machine Images for various operating system and supporting softwares installed. e.g. Linux Distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, Centos, Fedora, Arch and Red Hat Enterprise Linux)., Windows Server 2003
  • CPU Cycles e.g. 1 Compute Unit = 1 Circa 2007 1.0-1.2 GHz Opteron or Xeon CPU
  • RAM
  • Disk Space
  • Network Bandwidth
  • Web based Control Panel for Provisioning
  • Costume SOAP or ReST API for Integration
  • Primary Security Solution e.g. Firewalls, SSL
  • Customer Support  
Where are we fit in picture?
We help you in analysis of which service provider is more beneficial to your set of requirements in term of nature of application, user base, preferred hosting location, platform, ease of development, maintainability etc. Also it not necessary to go with one one service provider for all requirements. We suggest you best possible combination to use from all public providers. Also security concerns will be taken care of by us in your best interest. write us at

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